With more than 40 years experience in superabrasive industry, E-Grind is one of the premier superabrasive suppliers in China. We offer a complete range of Synthetic Diamond Powder (Monocrystal and Polycrystalline), Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN), Coated Diamond or CBN, covering a wide range of industries: Grinding, Machining, Wire Drawing, Sawing, Drilling, Polish...

We forward to meeting all of your superabrasives needs.

Metal Bond Mesh Diamond

Metal Bond Mesh Diamond

Saw Grit Diamond

Fine Grit Diamond

Copper Coated Diamond
 (EA-R11 Cu50)

Electroless Ni Coated Diamond
(EA-R11 Ni56)

Resin Bond Mesh Diamond

CBN Mesh Amber

CBN Mesh Black