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Resin Bond Mesh

The most friable type of Diamond mesh.
The grain of Resin bond diamond mesh is composed of subcrystals with irregular shapes and texture surface. It is very friable due to new cutting edges always occur during working, which offers good retention between diamond and bond, provide the grinding wheels with high efficiency, long life and perfect surface finishing.
The product is also available in electroless plating of both nickel (30% and 56% by wt.) and copper (50% by wt.) allowing for better crystal retention in both phenolic and polyimide bond systems.

For Resin Bond system, grinding tungsten carbide, ceramics and glass and other non-metal materials.


Rough and angle shape, medium high Friable, Yellow Green Color.
Economical type of RB Mesh, good self-sharpening ability, good choice for the tool with critical request in cost.
Available sizes: 60/80 through 400/500


Rough and angle shape, medium Friable, Yellow-Green Color
Standard grade of RB Mesh, the perfect combination of high free cutting and high surface finish.  
Available sizes: 60/80 through 400/500


Rough and very irregular, Highest Friable, Yellow Green Color
Best self-sharpening performance and high thermal stability, suitable for creep grinding, the good choice for high precision grinding where premium surface finish and form remaining are demanded.  
Available sizes: 60/80 through 400/500


Rough and Angle shape, low Friable, light Green Color
require high force to generate the new cutting edges, provide long using life to tools.
Available sizes: 60/80 through 400/500